Finances for Officers Education Assistance

The Salvation Army will reimburse 100% of costs associated with first undergraduate programs and 95% of the costs associated with a graduate programs. Graduate programs will only be reimbursed at 100% when the territory requires the degree being pursued.

Undergraduate cost for tuition should not exceed $450 per credit hour

Graduate cost for tuition should not exceed $650 per credit hour

All fees, tuition, and related matriculation costs must be made personally by the individual to the Institution. Payments should not be made on behalf of the individual by The Salvation Army or from Salvation Army accounts.  Officers should either pay personally by cash, check, or credit card.  If hardship exists, officers may apply for an expense advance to cover these costs (please contact your finance department for details). Reimbursement authorization is generally quick and is usually presents little personal burden.

Should credit hour costs exceed the above guidelines, a rationale must be supplied during the application process as to why consideration should be given.


OFFICER COUPLES – While the Central Territory encourages further education for all its officers to facilitate knowledge and skill development, our priority is the fulfillment of the mission to which God has called us. It is challenging for officers to participate in gaining higher education, give full attention to the work to which they’ve been called, and balance personal and family needs. With this in mind, the Central Territory, only allows one spouse to pursue a degree program at a time.

GAP YEAR – Officers completing an educational program must allow for 12 months prior to engaging in a new educational program.

FAILED/DROPPED COURSES – If you should fail or drop a course, you will be expected to refund the full amount of the grant received, notwithstanding the school itself may refund only a part.  A failed is effectively any course needed to be retaken to complete program requirements, even if the course may itself be a passing grade.

SEPERATION – Should an officer separate from active officership, expenses toward education courses will be refunded to the TSA on a pro-rated basis calculated from the end of the course (i.e. submission of the final institutional grade report). Full details are disclosed upon program approval.

Forms for Officers Education Assistance

Approved Program of Study Forms

Officers applying for educational assistance with The Salvation Army begin the process by seeking conceptual approval for the entire program of study.  This can refer to either a new program of study or to completing a previous program of study for which no educational assistance has been approved. Please select the appropriate form based on the degree for which you are applying.

Officer Education Assistance Application for Individual Classes

Officer Education Assistance Program of Study Application

Officer Education Assistance Doctoral Program of Study Application

Officer Education Assistance Reimbursement 

Officers who have already received approval for their program of study need only to use the following form to submit for reimbursement.

Officer Education Assistance Form 

College for Officer Training Transcripts

CFOT Transcript Request Form

Olivet Nazarene University Transcript Request