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Housing Summit seeks solutions

By Kayleen Ruthberg The Territorial Housing Summit “Innovative Homeless and Housing Solutions” held this spring in Madison, Wis., brought together …

Finding love in unexpected places

Nathan and Praise Hellstom’s love story is as much about God’s faithfulness as themselves. At 33, Nathan was struggling to …

Forever Friends

Major Lee Ann Thompson reflects on her friendship with Commissioner Susan Bukiewicz It was the summer of 1991 when I …




July 22-28

Wonderland Camp & Conference Center

July 23

Welcome to Colonels Thomas and Julie Anne Louden, the new Chief Secretary and Territorial Leader for Leader Development

Wonderland Camp & Conference Center

July 30-Aug 3,
Aug 3-11

Wonderland Camp & Conference Center

August 19-26

Black Hills,
South Dakota

Other Opportunities

August 3-9

Camp Hoblitzelle, Midlothian Texas

August 16-18

Wonderland Camp & Conference Center

August 24

Three Trails Camp 100th Anniversary

Three Trails Camp & Retreat Center


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