A college education is an investment; an investment in the future!

High school graduates each year look to their future with the expectation of obtaining a college education in an effort to contribute to their communities and accomplish great things.  The rising cost of education makes this hope difficult for many.  In a small way, The Salvation Army has made available to its members educational resources with an eye to investing in the hope of a better future; a future with Salvationists prepared to lead in their communities, in their workplaces, in their churches, and in their homes.

This page offers educational resource information for students who call the Salvation Army their church home. After exploring these pages, if you have questions, please contact us in the Officer Resource & Development department.


The following provides information with regard to TSA scholarships, including Corps Cadets.  Please forward information concerning scholarships established for Salvationist students to Rob DeGeorge for inclusion here as a resource.

Post Secondary Scholarships for Salvationist Students

The Salvation Army Paul and Kay Rader Scholarship

The Andrew & Joan Miller Scholarship University of Indianapolis

The Herman A. Fischer & Julia Blanchard Fischer Scholarship was established for children of officers and/or students studying astronomy, physics or math at Wheaton College in Wheaton, Illinois.  The applicant must show financial need as well as meet the education requirements of the scholarship.  Award amounts are based on eligibility.

This scholarship is awarded at the discretion of Wheaton College to sophomores and is renewable for the student’s junior and senior years.  While the student cannot apply for the scholarship directly, it is imperative that the student communicates on their financial aid application and with the Financial Aid Office directly if they meet the criteria of being a child of an officer.

Please contact us in the Officer Resource & Development Department for information on the above scholarships.

Post High School Graduate Corps Cadet Scholarship

Contact TSA Central Youth Department

Officer Child Grant

College Scholarship Grants
The purpose of the Officer Child Scholarship is to render financial assistance to officers’ children who desire to pursue higher or specialized education as defined below, and/or who desire to enter the College/School for Officer Training. Please forward information concerning Officer Child scholarship grants to Rob DeGeorge for inclusion here as a resource.

Grant Forms for Children of SA Officers

UPDATE: Below is the packet for 23-24. Packets for the new academic year (2024-2025) will be available when the updated Minute is released. Please submit for 24-25 using the current form. Any adjustment to the Minute will be made in the Spring Semester. N.B. Due to the current territorial financial systems migration, any checks cut at THQ for 2nd and 3rd children in a family will see some delay.

Note to OFFICERS: OCG authorizations are processed beginning in August of the current academic year. The Off Child Grant Minute is current as of Sept 2023. If/when any new update is received, the form below will be changed. Current Minute rates will be utilized for any applications submitted before the updated Minute arrives. Any forthcoming adjustments based on a new Minute will be applied in the SPRING SEMESTER. The form below is the 2023-2024 Academic year form. Updates for the 2024-2025 academic year will be posted in mid-July or whenever the Minute is updated.

Scholarship Grant for Children of  Salvation Army Officers Packet

What can it be used for?

Higher Education
Studies above the high school level for which credits are given toward a college degree (whether or not the individual contemplates completion of the total college curriculum), and for which credits are transferable to accredited schools of higher learning.

Specialized Education
Studies offered (1) by a technical, vocational, or business school or college, or by a Bible or law school, and (2) by an educational organization (a) which is authorized under Federal or state law to offer such program, and (b) which is accredited by a nationally recognized accrediting agency.

College for Officer Training
Two-year professional training and ordination for Salvation Army officership.

Do I qualify?

  1. The child must be 18 years old or a High School Graduate, whichever comes later
  2. Must be applied towards “qualified” expenses: that is, tuition, fees, books, supplies, and equipment, which expenses do not include room and board (Funds are taxable otherwise).
  3. Must be a full-time student
  4. Application for the grant must be made before or within the academic year or will be forfeited
  5. Must have a “C” average from High School on initial application and a “C” average every subsequent semester for continued qualification.
  6. Exceptions: Where the student does not have either a “C” average from high school for the initial application or holds a high school equivalency, the application may be approved with a one-year probationary period at the end of which time a “C” average will determine continued eligibility.

What steps must I take?

  1. Officer applicants complete the application located on this page and submit it to their DHQ.
  2. Once approved at DHQ, the form will be processed in the Officer Resource and Development office at THQ.
  3. Final authorization will be sent by email notification from the ORD department.

How much can I receive?

  1. Scholarship amounts are revised often; please see the most current application for available award amounts.
  2. Eligibility to receive the scholarship is for four years or 8 academic semesters and ceases at age 29- exceptions include those serving in the military and those attending CFOT.
  3. Accelerated programs may be eligible for an increased award amount. Please contact Rob DeGeorge in the ORD department for details for all details related to Officer Child Grant.

Salvation Army Loans

Beneficiaries of The Salvation Army Student Loan must be Salvationist students who desire to enroll in a program of post-high school education and reside within the geographical boundaries of The Salvation Army Central Territory as outlined in Minute 1, Part 1 of Section 23. For more information, please contact, USC Student Services in the ORD Department at THQ.

  1. Salvationist student – Soldier in good standing of the territory making the loan.
  1. Underage twenty-nine (29) and with a demonstrated financial need.  Age limitation will be waived for cadets requesting a loan to enter the College/School for Officer Training.
  1. Currently enrolled or planning to enroll for the next school year in one of the following:
  1. Studies above the high school level for which credits are given toward a college degree (whether or not the individual contemplates completion of the total college curriculum), and for which credits are transferable to accredited schools of higher learning; Bible colleges whose credits may or may not be transferred to other schools of higher learning; post-graduate courses.
  1. In addition, those courses that are of a post-high school nature and which are designed to help physically – and/or mentally-challenged children toward a vocation are approved for funding from this Minute if accredited by a recognized professional agency and/or authorized by the appropriate state.
  1. In the College/School for Officer Training.
  1. For Salvationists who are not citizens of the United States, a loan will be considered only if the individual has a valid Alien Registration Card (“green card”) issued by the United States government, and if he/she meets all other eligibility requirements.
  1. Continued eligibility for loans will be determined as applications are received, on the basis of the student’s maintaining a “C” average, or better, and otherwise meeting conditions for receipt of loans set forth in this minute.
  1. Interested applicants should download the Student Loan Application on this page and contact their home Corps Officer for application procedure details.
  1. Awards for student loans are given on a full-year basis in the amount of up to $2,250 per year in increments of up $1,125 per semester.

Loan Forms for Salvationist Students Student
Student Loan for Salvationists Packet
Loan Forms for Those Wishing to Enroll at CFOT (Candidates)
Candidates must obtain this packet from their Divisional Candidate Secretary or Officer Candidate’s Department

Summer Camp Employment

Each year young adults from all over the country and around the world come to join the exciting ministry of Salvation Army Summer Camps.  For college students, this is a fantastic opportunity to earn funds for school in addition to gaining valuable leadership experience and serving in a meaningful way in the lives of America’s youth. The following websites will connect you with Salvation Army Camps located in the Central United States with links for summer employment. Please use these links to make contact with the hiring managers.

The Salvation Army Wonderland Camp, Camp Lake, WI

The Salvation Army Camp Mihaska, Bourbon, MO

The Salvation Army Western Plains Camp, South Sioux City, NE

The Salvation Army Echo Grove Camp, Leonard, MI

The Salvation Army Hidden Falls Camp, Bedford, IN

The Salvation Army Army Lake, East Troy, WI

The Salvation Army Eagle Crest Camp, Washburn, IL

The Salvation Army Northwoods Camp, Finlayson, MN

The Salvation Army Little Pine Island, Comstock Park, MI

The Salvation Army Three Trails Camp, Kansas City, MO