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Providing encouragement and practical resources to help you thrive in your spiritual lifeĀ 

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Pray Around the World — Denmark and Greenland territory

This week, the international Salvation Army is praying specifically for the Denmark and Greenland territory. Here is some information to ...


THRIVE is an online course developed specifically for soldiers and officers in the Central territory who are ready to commit to an intensive spiritual development experience with like-minded Salvationists. The first cohort begins in February 2020. Most of the interaction will be online (discussion board, video and electronic resources) but there will also be an opportunity for a weekend retreat together with cohort members once during the course.

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We humans are spiritual beings. As Christian Salvationists, our lives are shaped by faith in a Triune God who created us, loves us, and transforms us into the image of Christ. As we cooperate with that process, we naturally order our priorities around our life with Jesus, and life with Jesus is never boring.

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