Three summer mission teams (SMT) are embarking on service in Scotland, Malaysia and the Dominican Republic. While originally two teams were slated, a third location was added due to the large response this year from Central Territory young adults, ages 18-29, who are eager to engage in The Salvation Army’s mission around the world.

Over the course of eight weeks in this leadership and discipleship program, the six-member teams will partner with Salvationists across the globe to serve others and meet specific needs in each location, all three of which are new for SMT.

This year all team members are also new to SMT, although some have mission experience through a Global Mission Team, Revolution Hawaii in the Western Territory, or with their church. Since the parameters for being on a team were broadened last year, this year’s teams include not only soldiers but three members who have a Salvation Army connection (like working at camp or volunteering at Christmas) and a spiritual life connection (like attending corps services, being a member of a Bible study or a campus ministry such as Intervarsity).

“We want to engage more young people in the international Salvation Army,” said Kristin Caddy, World Missions department director which oversees SMT.

“For me SMT can be summed up simply in love God, love people,” said Hannah Kim, who will be part of the team to Scotland. “This summer, I hope to share and bask in the love of God as I serve and walk with His people abroad.”

In Scotland, the team will be stationed in Northeastern Scotland, and their ministry will stretch from the Scottish Highlands to coastal villages and the Orkney and Shetland Islands, archipelagos off the north coast of Britain and west of Norway. They will be involved in youth programming, Holiday Bible Clubs and work projects, as well as new outreach efforts to communities which have seen a population boost in recent years as more people have exchanged large cities for more rural living.

“As soldiers and Christ followers, we believe that life is a mission field, and every day we should be equipped with the gospel to further God’s Kingdom while meeting human needs,” said 18-year-old twins BilliJo and BobbiJo Middendorp, who will serve on SMTs to Malaysia and Scotland and whose family are first-generation Salvationists. “That is why we are overjoyed with what The Salvation Army is doing all over the world and can’t wait to team up with other young adults in the overall movement of spreading God’s love to every person we meet.”

In Malaysia, the team’s ministry will focus on programming at a Salvation Army girls’ home, boys’ home and home for older adults in the city of Ipoh. Located about 120 miles north of Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh is set among limestone hills and has a population of approximately 760,000, making it the country’s eighth largest city.

“Both of my brothers served on SMT, and I witnessed how those experiences greatly impacted their
lives. I am excited also to serve in this way,” said Christion Johnson. “I am prayerful that my time in Malaysia will have a lasting positive impact on those we serve, as well as give me some tools and experience to impact my ministry back home.”

The last team also will have a programming focus in the Dominican Republic, a Caribbean island about twice the size of New Jersey and home to approximately 11 million people. While its 200 beaches and high mountain ranges draw tourists, more than a third of the island’s population lives in poverty. The Salvation Army’s ministry there is vital.

Bramwell Carr, who spent several years growing up in the Caribbean when his parents, Majors Jeff and Valerie Carr, were stationed in Jamaica, concluded, “I’m excited to head to the Dominican Republic this summer to be a part of ministry and learn the different ways Jesus works in different cultures.”

Indeed, partnering in God’s work in the world and growing in faith is what SMT is all about. Please pray for the three teams as they embark on this life-changing summer.


Dominican Republic

Cadet Marcos Gutierrez*
Mariah Boateng
Bramwell Carr
Abigail Ortman
Aleena Polanco
Kaleah Toran


Cadet Charles Cloak*
Christion Johnson
Angelica Lara
BilliJo Middendorp
Julia Ross
Evan Shiels


Cadet Christina Trejo*
Hannah Kim
Nyakuar Kuon
Meosha Mason
BobbiJo Middendorp
Mallory Soffran




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