Champions of the sacred mission

A tribute to retired Salvation Army officers

by Lt. Colonel Lonneal Richardson
Assistant Chief Secretary

This month I would like to take a moment to express our heartfelt appreciation for the exceptional contributions of our retired Salvation Army officers. Over the years, I’ve witnessed their enduring dedication and their commitment of truly extraordinary service, which doesn’t retire with them but leaves a lasting impact for the Kingdom of God.

In their golden years, these retired yet-active officers still engage in showing the love, mercy and salvation offered by Jesus Christ, embodying the organization’s timeless mission.

What sets them apart is their remarkable resilience and commitment to their calling which doesn’t end with their retirement. Many are involved in mentoring the next generation of volunteers, soldiers and officers, ensuring the perpetuation of the next generation of leaders. They pass on the sacred values of the organization, serving as guiding beacons for emerging spiritual leaders. Their commitment to their calling and service becomes a powerful legacy, shaping the compassion that future generations hopefully will embrace.

To those officers who have retired, I would commend your unwavering commitment to The Salvation Army’s mission that has not dimmed but continues to shine brightly, all the while being transformed into a different, yet equally significant, chapter of service.

May God richly bless you.




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