For Brie Simmons performing is more than rehearsed lines, spotlights and applause. It’s relationship building, God-honoring ministry.

A skit during commissioning weekend

As a member of several territorial music and creative arts ministry groups, including the Territorial Youth Chorus (TYC), Central Territorial Staff Songsters (CTSS) and the Bill Booth Theater Company (BBTC), she is utilizing her gifts as a testament of faith.

This summer Brie served as the sole member on the CAST Summer Mission Team, which since 2015 has sent a team of creative arts leaders across the territory and internationally to perform and instruct others in using creative arts ministries in their contexts.

“At first I was scared to be the only one,” Brie said. “But I had a lot of support, and it turned out to be a ‘God thing,’ a chance for me to grow.”

Traveling to several divisional camps, she assisted camp ministry teams and led classes, sharing her faith, knowledge and talent. From choreographing a musical during a conservatory in the Western Division to directing a show choir for the creative arts camp in Indiana to teaching drama electives at other divisional camps, Brie’s summer in CAST was full of opportunities to try out her leadership skills as she ministered and was ministered to by those around her.

Brie with friends and former CAST members Amanda Mercado and Erin McDonald

“I had an experience at Western Plains Camp where I was talking with a camper, and it was really amazing to see the impact this ministry had on her life,” she said.

Growing up a child of officers, Brie had opportunities from a young age to see her parents, Majors Dale and Becky Simmons, using the stage to share Christ. It was thanks to their encouragement that she pursued theater in school developing her skills and gaining confidence which would later help enable her ministry.

Participating at her corps, attending divisional camps and later taking the drama track at Central Music Institute (CMI) helped Brie to connect her God-given gifts with sharing her faith. From there it was an easy decision to audition for the BBTC and territorial vocal groups, and a natural fit for her to spend a summer further developing her skills through CAST.

“It’s just another way to express and illustrate what God can do in your life,” she said.




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