New opportunities in women’s ministries

Today’s women’s ministries is expanding support of women through new resources, collaborations with other programs and partnerships with other organizations. Here are just three of the many opportunities.

First Monday

One of the newest initiatives by the territory’s women’s ministries department is a virtual prayer gathering called First Monday. Women in the territory are invited to pray with other Salvationists around the world via Facebook Live Video the first Monday of each month at 9:00 am (CST). Simply visit the women’s ministries Facebook page and click the live video to join; prayer requests also can be submitted through the department’s website.

“God has been teaching me that prayer is the most productive thing a person can do. This program gives me the opportunity to support the ministry of The Salvation Army in many different contexts as well as women,” said Allison Jordan.

Major Paula Pyle commented, “I pray that others would not take this First Monday prayer initiative lightly, as we all need prayer which changes everything. I have a reminder set in my phone, and at the end of every one I automatically set it for the following month so I don’t forget to tune in.”


Women who enjoy spending time outdoors find many ways of incorporating The Salvation Army Outdoors (TSAO) into women’s ministries. It’s a natural fit, enhancing the program and expanding the audience and possibilities for learning. Major Nancy Mead led a group of women for outdoor adventures such as hiking, canoeing, camping and exploring the beauty of God’s creation in Minnesota during her previous appointment.

Major Char Hall in the Midland Division makes killer s’mores, enjoys hiking and camping, and frequently provides opportunities for like-minded women to join these adventures. Majors Brian and Heidi Reed, corps officers in Wyndotte-Downriver, Mich., invite women from the Adult Rehabilitation Center to participate in their corps’ archery classes. The women appreciate a sport that doesn’t rely on strength or speed to be successful.

“TSAO is full of wonderful opportunities to reach women of all ages,” said Major Nancy Mead. Whether you’re interested in photography, fishing, gardening, geology, or geocaching, we have ideas and resources.


Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) and The Salvation Army are teaming up! Serving mothers since 1973, MOPS International has expanded to include moms of school-aged children as well. Partnering with churches and other organizations, it now serves moms in more than 68 countries. Recently, Commissioner Jolene Hodder, national president of women’s ministries, invited the four U.S. territories to collaborate with MOPS International directors for church partnerships to initiate a specific outreach to Salvation Army moms.

“MOPS believes together is better, so we are linking arms to equip, support and love moms of The Salvation Army,” said Michelle Cowan, MOPS director of sales and strategic church partnerships.

Through the partnership, MOPS is offering an upgraded membership for the basic price which includes extra benefits for Salvation Army moms such as Bible studies, content bundles, collectives (small groups) and access to online workshops. Moms can join virtual prayer gatherings, connect with other moms in person at a MOPS group, or join an online Mama MeetupTM to name a few opportunities.

“Seeing a formal partnership between The Salvation Army and MOPS is a dream come true,” said Captain Aubrey DeBaar. “It will help us meet the unique needs of mothers of small and older children that can often go unnoticed in such a non-stop, ever-changing season.”

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