One by one, members of the Warsaw, Ind., Corps, held flash paper with words representing their heartache, burden or repentance over a candle’s flame. In an instant, the strips of paper disappeared—a visual of what happens when things are given to the Lord.

“Some of our members have been going through very difficult situations,” Envoy Ken Locke, corps administrator, said. “The prayer focus was a great opportunity to help people surrender their struggles to the Lord.”

He says the Territorial Commander’s Call to Prayer has fostered a deeper sense of connection and closeness among the corps members and has rejuvenated their desire for spiritual growth.

Watching the video introducing the Call to Prayer, the congregation also was encouraged by the realization that although their corps is small, they are connected to the whole Body of Christ and the international Salvation Army, and they can make a difference through prayer and World Services/Self-Denial giving.

They have adopted Philippians 4:13 as their verse for this year, a reminder that it is Christ who strengthens and enables them.

“We are already seeing spiritual fruit, and I am confident we will see more,” the envoy concluded. “We are committed to continuing to focus on prayer and growth.”




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