by Major Cassandra L. DeJesús

In February 2023, we were appointed (I as the principal and my husband, Will, as the education and finance officer) to the South America East Territory’s Training College for Officers in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

So much has happened during this past year. We welcomed both sessions of cadets last year; celebrated and held a fundraiser for Independence Day on May 25, preparing many traditional and delicious dishes of locro (a traditional stew); taught and coordinated classes; hosted the candidates weekend in June; sent off the cadets to their winter assignments in July; conducted the spring campaigns in October; had the privilege of witnessing the ordination and commissioning of our five cadets on December 10; and finished the year with kettles. Will and I have been kept very busy. However, we are enjoying every moment.

It has been such a blessing to be a part of the spiritual and academic growth of each cadet of the South America East Territory. We have been able to see relationships mended, forgiveness offered and accepted, grace given, and increased love for God and others.

As we enter our second year at the Training College, there are a couple of changes. Our officer assistants, who have served part-time at the college for three years, have returned to their home territory of Korea.

In February 2024, we welcome one full-time assistant officer, Captain Soledad Ferrada, who will have her primary responsibilities at the college and an additional appointment as corps officer at the corps located next to the training college. She and her family are excited about the new opportunities she will have at the college. Her husband will be stationed at the main Salvation Army thrift store in Buenos Aires.

In addition to the spiritual formation that is enjoyed by everyone at the Training College, one of the highlights of serving here for us is the monthly family activity and outing. This activity began last Back to school year as a way of connecting with one another in an informal setting. Each month we plan an activity that consists of anything from visiting Chinatown to enjoying game night and ice cream at the Training College. These activities have helped us to get to know one another better and to experience more of the beautiful city of Buenos Aires.

On February 19 of this year, Will and I will be back at school with our new session of cadets. We are praying God continues to bless our time here at the college with new and exciting adventures and growth. We also pray that God will use us in a mighty way as we help to nurture future officers for the South America East Territory. We ask that you join us in prayer as we continue to serve God and others.




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