by Teeha Dabbs

In 2017 my world tilted off its axis, and I found myself and my two boys, 16- months and 4- months old, living in Mexico. Before long I became pregnant with my third child and was so sick I could not fly home, nor could I afford to. I delivered my sweet Charlee Marie at 30 weeks. Born very ill, she succumbed to an infection a week before she turned three months.

Hurting, struggling and scared, I stayed in Mexico a year and a half longer. I didn’t want to leave where Charlee was buried or my husband, who was the glue that held us all together, but I was at my lowest point and needed to make things better for my family. I was desperate and started seeking the Lord’s guidance. I asked Him to lead the way and to place the people I needed in my path.

Finally, I got the strength and courage to come back to the United States with my sons. I tried to do it all and felt like I was drowning, but God led me straight to my new family at The Salvation Army. My life has changed profoundly. The caseworker, officers and other members of the corps and Pathway of Hope have provided me with so much support, love and hope! I am now an active church member and fulltime student.

One of my and my husband’s priorities is a better future for our boys, and with the help of POH I have the tools I need. The most important gift I have received is my spiritual growth. My relationship with God has never been stronger.

Even though my family is still apart, God gives us the strength and faith to stay as one through Him. My boys also have been affected by POH. Through Jesus and our faith, they can cope better with their dad not physically being here, and some of their anger and fears have been alleviated. That’s all a mother can really ask for—that the load be lightened for her children.

Being a part of Pathway of Hope and The Salvation Army has changed my life. It has been a long road, but I believe God has been with me every step of the way.




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