Mihaska, 75 years, going strong

by Major Lisa Mueller

Camp Mihaska in the Midland Division celebrated its 75th anniversary this year.

The camp held a rich heritage even before it became a ministry of The Salvation Army. One of the many guests for the event, which took place during Midland’s annual Pilgrimage weekend, was Carla Von Hoffman. Carla’s family was the original owner of the camp until a family tragedy led to the sale of the camp to The Salvation Army. Carla shared that her father and grandfather, who used to serve hundreds through a soup kitchen in St. Louis, loved the mission of the Army and our similar expressions of service.

To celebrate the camp’s milestone, soldiers and friends from the division enjoyed a Birthday Bash complete with fireworks, games, challenges, and testimonies of how camp has impacted many lives. Melissa Hanson, a soldier at the Quincy, Ill., Ray and Joan Kroc Corps Community Center, said the celebration weekend was like a big family reunion.

“When I think of my happiest memories growing up, almost all of them include camp. It’s where I faced fears, tried new things, and pushed my boundaries. But most importantly, it’s where I met God…It’s where the foundations of my faith were built. Even into adulthood it continues to hold a special place in my heart.”

The birthday bash culminated in the release of 75 biodegradable paper lanterns into the beautiful creek as campers sang choruses together.

Camp Mihaska not only hosts nearly all divisional events and programs, it serves as a rental venue. We are so proud of our 75-plus years of camping ministry and service.




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