Prayer boxes provide quiet connection

by Major K. Kendall Mathews

Samuel Logan Brengle said, “Real prayer is something more than a form of words, or a hasty address to God just after breakfast, before the Meeting, or before going to bed at night. It is an intense, intelligent, persistent council with the Lord, in which we wait on Him, and reason and argue and plead our cause, and listen for His reply.”

At the Chicago Adult Rehabilitation Center (ARC), we believe in the power of prayer. It is the key that unlocks the doors of heaven to those who call on God for love, peace and hope. During these uncertain times, we are pleased to be able to pray for members of our community and to offer encouragement to them.

In each of Chicagoland’s 22 ARC family stores, we recently have placed a prayer box into which shoppers can submit prayer requests. These beautiful boxes add a spiritual presence in the stores, giving people an easy way to request prayer when they might otherwise be reticent to share their needs and problems verbally. At the end of the week, all requests are collected and given to the ARC pastoral team for intercession.

“Pray for strength, guidance and good health for my family and for the world,” one request from the Harlem Family Store read. Another asked for prayer for their family.

We hope this unassuming connection communicates to shoppers that they are valued, that their concerns are important to us and to God and that prayer can change things.






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