Recently 22 auxiliary captains, envoys and corps administrators gathered at the College for Officer Training (CFOT) to study doctrine and the Gospels as part of the Distance Learning Program (DLP) led by CFOT Principal Major Brian Davis. The program assists and trains non-commissioned individuals who are serving in ministry positions across the territory. Classes were taught by Majors Jim Garrington and Beth Petrie.

Twice a year, students spend a week at the CFOT in Chicago immersed in studies and community life. They worship alongside cadets in morning prayers and fellowship with them at meal times. However, their class time is more intensive. Distance learners meet for 26 class hours during their week on campus—the equivalent of a whole academic quarter!

At a midweek ice cream study break, students got to know each other by sharing how God brought them to their present ministries. Later in the week Auxiliary Captains Pedro Pagan, Milly Lopez-Pagan, Linda Faye Jones, and Kim and Doug Winters, who were in their final on-campus course, were honored with a small reception.

In addition to the two on-campus courses, distance learners take online classes ranging from Bible and theology to business and practical ministry.

DLP is part of the process for auxiliary captains to become fully-commissioned officers. It meets the needs of second or third career individuals who bring their own expertise and enthusiasm to Salvation Army ministry but for a variety of reasons do not attend the CFOT. Currently, there are more participants in the DLP than ever.

If you’re interested in learning more, see your corps officer.






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