For more than a decade, the Ministry Discovery Program has provided opportunities for those interested in ministry through The Salvation Army to spend up to two years exploring and learning the ins and outs of officership as interns in a corps setting. Since its inception, the program has gained popularity across the territory with nearly every division currently having an intern.

“It’s an excellent way to expose people to officership,” said Major Tricia Taube, then territorial candidates secretary. “And it’s not exclusive to Salvationists. We encourage non-Salvationists who are interested in ministry to consider entering this program as a way to explore The Salvation Army.”

Interns come from many backgrounds, including young adults fresh out of (or still in) college, professionals desiring to move into fulltime ministry and adult rehabilitation center program graduates.

Corps officers are intentionally matched with interns to ensure a good fit and positive experience. The officers commit to mentor and train interns through the day-to-day responsibilities of officership for the two-year timeframe, allowing interns to observe officer life and experience by wearing the many hats required. In some cases, additional involvement such as summer camp ministry is offered.

Over the course of the internship, regular check-ins with the corps officer, divisional candidates’ secretary and territorial candidates’ secretary encourage open dialogue. Interns are able to gain insight into their strengths and areas that need development, and are better able to make informed decisions. Though many Ministry Discovery interns decide to become officers, some move on to other opportunities.

“The great thing about this program is it gives people the time to explore officership and determine whether it’s really for them,” said Major Tricia. “It’s intended to set people up for success.”

For more information on the Ministry Discovery Program, contact your divisional candidates’ secretary.






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