The Impact of a Salvation Army ARC Thrift Store

The colors pop out as you enter the first room; rows of orange, yellow, blue, red and white T-shirts, racks of berets, display counters shining with jewelry and knick-knacks of every description. Beyond the large room is another filled with all styles and sizes of clothing and household goods from furniture and electronics to dishes.

Tidy rows of coats, sweaters, skirts, slacks, blouses, shirts, pants, ties and suits-plus many more rows of children’s clothing-march across the floor. Glossy, shined shoes are neatly stacked in racks.

As shoppers enter the “Grand Opening” of the renovated thrift store run by the St. Louis, Mo., Adult Rehabilitation Center (ARC), it’s not hard to imagine what they’re thinking: “Where could I put that?” “How would this fit in my house?” “Which winter coats will best fit my kids?”

Just like the renovated thrift store, men and women struggling with drug or alcohol abuse are renewed through the rehabilitation ministries of the ARC and the power found in a relationship with Jesus Christ. Beneficiaries participate in work therapy, addiction counseling, 12-step meetings, Bible studies and worship, all of which lead to the personal insights and behavioral changes needed to sustain recovery.

The renewed lives at the ARC pop out like the bright colors found in the thrift store. It all works together: the ARC beneficiaries work hard to sort and stock the stores with donations of goods from the public, and the public purchases goods from the stores to support the ARC as it renews lives and restores dignity.

Source: Steve Hanusa, Rehabilitation Services Secretary, Adult Rehabilitation Centers Command, The Salvation Army Central Territory


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