Project Advance Change Agent Network

To support the territory, the Project Advance Mailbox ([email protected]) and Change Agent Network are still operating.

Contact your Change Agent to ask questions, express concerns or share praise reports.

Great Lakes

William Goodwill ([email protected])

Major Dale Simmons ([email protected])

Captain Ronnie Amick ([email protected])



Monalisa McGee ([email protected])

Lt. Zachary Zumwalt ([email protected])

Captain Aubrey DeBaar ([email protected])


Beth Curtiss ([email protected])

Major Jason Poff ([email protected])

Captain Shannon Martinez ([email protected])


Wisconsin/Upper Michigan

Captain Leta Marin ([email protected])

Major Matt O’Neil ([email protected])



Kansas/Western Missouri

Amy Stewart ([email protected])

Major Nancy Powers ([email protected])




College for Officer Training

Captain Mary Kim  ([email protected])



Captain Marisa McCluer ([email protected])

Major Trevor McClintock ([email protected])



Adult Rehabilitation Centers Command

Captain Holly Ehler ([email protected])

Major Troy Barker  ([email protected])


North & Central Illinois

Major Caleb Senn ([email protected])

Carmen Staggers ([email protected])

Chris Johnson ([email protected])

Captain Enrique Coreano ([email protected])

Captain Claudia Simmons ([email protected])

Territorial Headquarters

Ev Jordan ([email protected])



Brian Molohon ([email protected])

Major Scott Shelbourn ([email protected])