SACEP Registration Info

Registration for SACEP courses (both May and August) occurs once a year beginning in January, with the specific opening date for registration being posted by the Officer Resource Development department (ORD), and concluding the first week of April.  All registrations made outside these time frames will be disregarded.

Once you have completed the initial registration form (linked below), you will receive confirmation from ORD. Contained within this confirmation will be the needed SACEP Education Assitance to be completed and submitted to your Unit Commander for recommendation for approval. Once ORD receives the application from your Unit Command, the ORD Secretary will offer a final review for approval. You will be notified of approval by email from the ORD department with any notes, provisions, or exceptions as necessary.  Course offerings for the respective May and August modules can be found in the previous tab.

SACEP Class Dates for 2017 are:  May 22-26 and July 24-28

Please click here to begin registering for a course or courses.


FERPA form– This form allows Olivet Nazarene University to communicate with The Salvation Army on your behalf with regard to your educational courses and degree program.  You only need to complete this form once. Once completed, scan in color and email it to Officer Resource and Development.