by Lt.Colonel Patty Richardson
Territorial Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Secretary

I have always been a bit of a “rock hound,” especially as a teen. I enjoyed walking in a creek and finding stones with patterns of rich color running through them. Some had smooth textures which could be polished to further bring out the color. Others had unique shapes and angles which gave them character. No two stones were exactly the same. I found their variety and inherent beauty a satisfying reward, and they became treasured souvenirs.

Stones and rocks generally go unnoticed unless they are sought out for a specific purpose or if they become a nuisance because they are in your shoe.

When Jesus came into the city of Jerusalem, the people were lifting praises to Him. The religious leaders were quite upset by this and told Jesus to tell His followers to stop. Jesus replied that if they did even the rocks and stones would cry out in praise (Luke 19:40). Think about it. In the absence of people’s praise, an inanimate object created by God would praise the Son.

While it may seem strange for Jesus to speak of stones praising God, it is not unusual for the Bible to speak of all creation—rocks, hills, mountains, trees—declaring His glory. These verses are not just literary devices or techniques; creation recognizes the authority and majesty of the Creator.

It’s an important reminder to us as people of faith. We praise the Lord through the way we live, and how we treat and serve each other. Our responsibility is to extend a hand of genuine welcome and peace to all who come into our sphere of influence as our mission statement declares, “without discrimination.” We are to regard people as equals because we are all equal in the sight of God, even those who society ignores or disregards. We also must remember the potential to lift praise to God is in everyone with whom we come into contact, even those who have a hard exterior.

So, stop and pick up a stone or pebble. Take notice of its beauty and lift your praise to the Lord.




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