Equip 25/25 Leadership Conservatories a great success!

by Josh Turner and Beth Malovance

The Equip 25/25 Leadership Conservatories, held this summer at Wonderland Camp and Conference Center, proved to be encouraging to those in attendance. The first week centered on leadership training for dance, drama, media and praise band, while the second week provided leadership training for brass band and vocal music. Each week consisted of a hybrid model of in-person and virtual instruction. On-site faculty and delegates represented each of the 10 divisions in the Central Territory, while faculty and delegates joined virtually from around the world.

A primary challenge for delegates and faculty as leaders who are followers of Christ is that we are called to be both “emptied to be filled” and “filled to be emptied.” This resonated each week as we studied biblical leadership principles and set aside time to be filled in our daily walk, so we may be emptied from an overflow of our lives. During these two weeks, words could hardly describe the impact of daily nourishment from being in God’s Word and singing praises to our Heavenly Father during morning manna, devotions and evening vespers.

This unique experience saw an outstanding group of workshop leaders brought together in the two weeks to concentrate on leadership, without a performance requirement. Each delegate came ready to learn, to grow, and to engage fully during masterclasses, small groups, testimonies and lectures. Conversations and networking started at breakfast, continued throughout the day and lasted late into the evening. Each week ended with a powerful consecration service as faculty and delegates prayed for each other and for their ongoing ministries.

Here’s what people are saying about their experience:

“My highlight was learning about all the different ways The Salvation Army worships the Lord. I learned how we as leaders can become better equipped and help create new leaders in our corps. I loved having small groups and discussing leadership in our own lives.” —Jason Hershman (Warsaw, Ind., Corps)

“Our corps band has a very different makeup from what it was even just one year ago. I am excited to try a new approach with the band and as Bandmaster Cobb said ‘putting the fun back into banding.’ The hope is to get people excited again to serve God in this way, and not just show up out of sense of duty.”— Charles Mc-Dougall (Dearborn Heights Citadel, Mich. Corps)

“The highlight for me was the fellowship and connections made especially in the small groups. Also, the media track helped fill some knowledge gaps for me and this information will be shared with our divisional units to enhance their streaming and multimedia ministry. In the vocal track I learned ideas and tips for choral groups that will be implemented in launching divisional groups.”— Peter Kim (Peoria Citadel, Ill., Corps)

“I thoroughly enjoyed fellowship with leaders and delegates. It was a blessing to be able to discuss spiritual topics in depth with these people. Also, I am looking forward to practicing intentional discussions with believers and continuing to remember to keep Jesus at the center.”— Alexis Dill (Royal Oak Citadel, Mich., Corps)

“A highlight for me was the intentional relationship building with my small group. I loved being able to pour into them and invest in their relationship with the Holy Spirit.”— Shalini Danielson (Pasadena
Tabernacle, Calif.)

To learn more and view some of the sessions, visit: samusiccentral.org/2525



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