by Eric Himes

Ever feel like something is missing from your spiritual life, in The Salvation Army or the Church in general? When was the last time you felt the presence of God or the moving of the Holy Spirit? Is there something more for us to experience and receive?

More than 400 young adults from across the Central Territory were asked these questions, and many of them found answers at this year’s Regeneration conference themed, “Revival,” with guests Michael Collins and Carole Voisey.

“Revival must start with yourself,” Michael Collins began. “God, You want humility, show us where our pride is. We want revival, show us what is in the way.”

In talking about the importance of the Holy Spirit to our Movement, Carol Voisey challenged, “You can’t give people something you don’t have.” She challenged delegates to seek the purifying fire of the Holy Spirit—a burning, passionate love of God—that would consume them so that their lives would draw others to Christ. Many young adults responded.

Worship was led by Osby Berry, a gospel singer who garnered viral attention from singing Hillsong United’s “So Will I (100 Billion X),” hitting over 23 million views on YouTube. He was joined by an incredibly gifted and joyful band composed of members of his church in Cincinnati, Ohio, as well as Salvationists. This worship was a highlight of the conference with clapping, dancing and unity in the Spirit.

Founded by Salvationists from the Eastern Territory, the ConnectUp prayer ministry returned to Regeneration for a second year. Teams facilitated prayer sessions which were filled throughout the camp. Many delegates testified to experiencing God in a new way through this intercession and made renewed commitment to their personal prayer life.

Main meetings were complemented as well by a Stop Light Party, Meme banquet and free time activities ranging from sports and crafts to fellowship in the main social hub, the 730 Café. Delegates also met in small groups by division, and on Saturday afternoon they could attend workshops that explored Silence and Solitude by Rob Noland which focused on hearing God’s voice, Asking for a Friend….Mental Health by Dr. Karen Hurula, Fierce Conversations about Social Justice with Captain Katherine Clausell, and a Gospel Choir practice with Osby Berry.

Delegates also were given the opportunity to support Salvation Army literacy programs and Bible camps  to educate and empower women in Mali, West Africa. These will feature teaching about equality between men and women from a biblical perspective. Delegates gave $2,611.74, which was matched by Central Territorial Headquarters for a total of $5,223.48.

As the conference concluded, young adults had been inspired to fulfill Catherine Booth’s vision: “We want The Salvation Army to be like Samson’s foxes, going through the churches with a fire-brand, setting every true Christian on fire.”






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