Ever wonder what it takes to become an officer?

The call to fulltime ministry and the decision to pursue it are only the first steps for individuals and couples as they prepare for the unique opportunities and demands of life as cadets and then officers.

To help ensure a smooth transition and future success, last year the Central Territory introduced the Candidate Coaching Action Plan (CAP), a new process aimed at supporting and developing candidates spiritually, physically, academically and psychologically in preparation to enter the College for Officer Training (CFOT).

The goal is to provide candidates and their families the tools they need to enter the CFOT from a position of strength, gaining the most they can from their training experience with the ability to fulfill their potential as officers.

“CAP builds on candidates’ unique blend of strengths and struggles, preparing them for the challenges they will face in training and in officership,” said psychologist S. Blake Lanier, who was enlisted to assist in the development of this critical process and continues to oversee its implementation.

Each candidate who has been preliminarily approved through their divisional candidates’ board and the territorial candidates’ council is enrolled in CAP. An individually tailored plan is created with recommendations and resources for the candidate (and their family unit, if applicable) based on identified areas in which development is needed. Monthly check-ins with the CAP team provide further support and guidance leading up to entrance into the CFOT and beyond.

“We are finding CAP to be an invaluable partner in the preparation of candidates. God calls us from where we are and in that calling stirs up a desire to give our very best and to ‘study to show ourselves approved,’” said Major Tricia Taube, territorial candidates’ secretary. “CAP enables candidates to focus on habits, goals and development points that help them in their spiritual, personal and academic development, laying a great foundation for success at the CFOT and in ministry.”

For information on becoming a Salvation Army officer, visit salarmycentral.org/candidates.






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