Excerpt from men’s ministries guidelines

Best Practices Ideas for Men’s Ministries


This excerpt from the revised national men’s ministries guide provides some great ideas for men’s ministries and may serve as a catalyst for devising other approaches.

  • Friend Night
  • Sports Outings (“Skins-n-Fins,” Golf Tournament, etc.)
  • Movie Night
  • Sponsor Seasonal Parties/Events
  • Host other Men’s Ministry group (“Interclub”)
  • Attend Men’s Ministry functions
  • Game Night, Family Night
  • Fitness and Nutrition, Financial Planning, etc.
  • Fatherhood, National Fatherhood Initiative, Salvation Army History
  • Canteen Operations
  • Local Government
  • Bible Study
  • Sponsor Evangelistic Series
  • Visit nursing homes
  • Sponsor Corps Officer Appreciation service
  • Father/Son day (“Father’s Day”)
  • Prison ministry worship outings
  • Men’s Sunday event
  • Sponsor Corps lawn maintenance
  • Host Corps clean-up day
  • Perform Corps vehicle maintenance
  • Christmas Bell Ringing
  • Barbeque/Spaghetti fund raising event for mission and World Services
  • Corps or regional home or foreign mission team.
  • Community service project (i.e., “I’ll Fight Day”)
  • Men’s mission trip.
  • Regional BBQ cook offs
  • Golf Tournaments
  • Major repair jobs that may take weeks
  • Annual regional NASCAR event
  • Men’s Biker event


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