Complete CMI award winners list

2015 Central Music Institute Award Winners

Shagbark Band
1st Joshua Kim (Chicago Mayfair Community Church, Ill.)
Frank and Gladys Botu Award

2nd Ricardo Argumedo (East Chicago, Ind., Corps)
3rd Alex Utzig (Janesville, Wis., Corps)

Temple Band
1st Jillian Pratt (Quincy Kroc Center, Ill.)
Rachel Grindle-Phelps Award

2nd Dallas Will (Quincy Kroc Center, Ill.)
3rd Crystal Garcia (East Chicago, Ind., Corps)

Hilltop Chorus
1st Shane Byrns (Princeton, Ind., Corps)
Victor Danielson Scholarship

2nd Haley Finstad (Lawrence, Kan., Corps)
3rd Victoria Owen (Independence, Mo., Corps)

Tabernacle Band
1st Natanael Barth (Bahia Blanca Corps, Argentina)
Paton Family Scholarship

2nd Feith Sanchez (Lakewood, Minn., Corps)
3rd Tito Rapley (Oakbrook Terrace, Ill., Corps)

Citadel Band
1st Randal Smith (Flint Citadel, Mich., Corps)
Donald Hanton Scholarship

2nd Dakota Williams (Grand Rapids Kroc Center, Mich.)
3rd Katelyn Church (Norridge Citadel, Ill., Corps)

Booth Chorale
1st Heidi Hurula (Oakbrook Terrace, Ill., Corps)
Douglas Norris Scholarship

2nd Elizabeth Shypulski (St. Paul Citadel, Minn., Corps)
3rd Jamie Dwyer (Midland, Mich., Corps)

Wonderland Band
1st Marc Smith (Aurora, Ill., Corps)
William and Katherine Scarlett Scholarship

2nd David Hellstrom (Omaha Citadel, Neb., Corps)
3rd Fred Mbesi (Royal Oak, Mich., Corps)

Ernest and Mary Miller Vocal Soloist Award
Heidi Hurula (Oakbrook Terrace, Ill., Corps)

Marjorie Marshall Piano Award
Allison Balliet (Oak Creek Centennial, Wis., Corps)

Flint Citadel Uden-McDougall Percussion Award
Samuel Leka (Rockford Temple, Ill., Corps)

Ray Wright Tuba Award
Luke Winters (Oakbrook Terrace, Ill., Corps)

Earle Hanton Euphonium Award
Jeffrey Kim (Chicago Mayfair Community Church, Ill.)

John R. Cheyne Trombone Award
David Yim (Chicago Mayfair Community Church, Ill.)

Howard Chesham Horn Award
Rachel Kim (Chicago Mayfair Community Church, Ill.)

Ron Rowland Cornet Award
Moriah Hellstrom (Omaha Citadel, Neb., Corps)

Walt Winters Instrument Repair Resources
Bahia Blanca and Querpo Tucuman Corps, Argentina

Harry Strissel Most Improved Musician Award
Dallas Will (Quincy Kroc Center, Ill.)

Ramsdale-Jaudes-Boyer Rookie Award
Elizabet McPherson (Elgin, Ill., Corps)

Irwin Fischer Awards
Leadership—Carl Moore (Havendale Corps, Jamaica)
Composition—Randal Smith (Flint Citadel, Mich., Corps)

Bernard Smith Conducting Award
Landon McClintock (Omaha Citadel, Neb., Corps)

Majors William and Jean Stuart Award
Reggie Brooks (Rockford Temple, Ill., Corps)

Lois and Len Duguay Spirit of CMI Award
Stephen Jordan (Oakbrook Terrace, Ill., Corps)

Ben Merritt Award
Andrew Herndon (Oak Creek Centennial, Wis., Corps)
Arthur Shoults Scholarship

Crosby-O’Neil Cornet
Chicago Mayfair Community Church, Ill.


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