Holiness resources list from Lt. Colonels Sjogren

Lt. Colonel Daniel Sjogren’s
Suggested reading on Holiness:

1. The Pursuit of Holiness
by Jerry Bridges

2. Relational Holiness
by Thomas Jay Oord

3. The Holy Spirit friend and counselor
by Colonel Milton S. Agnew

4. Holy Living the mindset of Jesus
by Major Herbert Luhn

5. Forgotten God
by Francis Chan

6. Helps to Holiness
by Colonel S.L. Brengle

7. The Holy Spirit
by Billy Graham

8. The Salvation Army Song Book
(as part of morning devotions)

Additional resources from
Lt. Colonel Rebecca Sjogren’s

1. The Deeper Journey
by M. Robert Mulholland Jr.

2. Sanctified Sanity
by R. David Rightmire

3. The Bright Shadow of Holiness
by C.S. Lewis

4. How To Live A Holy Life, ‘A Down to Earth Look at Holiness’
by Stephen M. Miller

5. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Holiness
by Stuart and Jill Briscoe

Resources online:
Asbury University/Wesleyan Holiness Theology: https://www.asbury.edu/about-us/cornerstone-project/holiness-initiatives/wesleyan-holiness-theology

Holiness classics: Index by author-w-the Wesley Center: https://wesley.nnu.edu/wesleyctr/books/indices/index-w-authors.htm


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