Central Music Institute 2013 Award and Solo Concert Winners

Camp Lake Band

1st—Amenhotep Reed (East Chicago, Ind.)

and Rachel Grindle-Phelps Award

2nd—Corwin Daniels (Marion, Ind.)

3rd—Allison Cook (Cadillac, Mich.)


Shagbark Band

1st—Ginny Rumple (Quincy Kroc Center, Ill.)

and Frank & Gladys Botu Award

2nd—Feith Sanchez (Lakewood Temple, Minn.)

3rd—Alberto Ferreira (Santiago Central)


Temple Band

1st—Bailey Sawka (Muskegon, Mich.)

and Ruth Hatfield Scholarship

2nd—Samuel Leka (Rockford Temple, Ill.)

3rd—Alberto Rapley (Oakbrook Terrace, Ill.)


Hilltop Chorus

1st—Lance Hill (Royal Oak, Mich.)

and Victor Danielson Scholarship

2nd—Alexis Felt (Oakbrook Terrace, Ill.)

3rd—Casey Becker (St. Cloud, Minn.)


Tabernacle Band

1st—Jared Thomas (Norridge Citadel, Ill.)

and Paton Family Scholarship

2nd—Caleb Carter (Flint Citadel, Mich.)

3rd—Clayton Pierce (Livingston County)


Citadel Band

1st—Anna Winters (Oakbrook Terrace, Ill.)

and William Broughton Scholarship

2nd—Greg Hurula (Oakbrook Terrace, Ill.)

3rd—Caitlin Balliet (Oak Creek Centennial, Wis.)


Booth Chorale

1st—Angelyn Montanez (Wichita West Orchard, Kan.)

and Douglas Norris Scholarship

2nd—Rachel Minter (Norridge Citadel, Ill.)

3rd—Matthew Herndon (Oak Creek Centennial, Wis.)


Wonderland Band

1st—Jesse Luhn (Oak Creek Centennial, Wis.)

and William & Katherine Scarlett Scholarship

2nd—Jaleel Williams (Royal Oak, Mich.)

3rd—Marc Smith (Aurora, Ill.)


Walt Winters Instrument Repair Resources

Santiago Gutierrez, Samuel Iwanczuk (South America East) 

Alberto Ferreira, Lennart Sanchez (South America West)


Ernest & Mary Miller Vocal Soloist Award

Lance Hill (Royal Oak, Mich.)


Marjorie Marshall Piano Award

Andrew Herndon (Oak Creek Centennial, Wis.)


Flint Citadel Uden-McDougall Percussion Award                

Clayton Pierce (Livingston County, Mich.)


Ray Wright Tuba Award

Ginny Rumple (Quincy Kroc Center, Ill.)


Earle Hanton Euphonium Award

Michael Cash (Bartlesville, Okla.)


John R. Cheyne Trombone Award

Sam Park (Chicago Mayfair Comm. Church)

Howard Chesham Horn Award

Morgan Marinelli (Norridge Citadel, Ill.)


Ron Rowland Cornet Award

Marc Smith (Aurora, Ill.)


Harry Strissel Most Improved Musician Award

Alexis Felt (Oakbrook Terrace, Ill.)


Ramsdale-Jaudes-Boyer Rookie Award

Jamie Dwyer (Midland, Mich.)


Fischer Awards

Dakota Reeves—Conducting (Oak Creek Centennial, Wis.)

Moriah Hellstrom—Composition (Omaha Citadel, Neb.)


Bernard Smith Conducting Award

Marc Smith (Aurora, Ill.)


Majors William & Jean Stuart Award

Kelly McBride (Norridge Citadel, Ill.)

Lois & Len Duguay Spirit of CMI Award

Matthew Herndon (Oak Creek Centennial, Wis.)


Ben Merritt Award

Zane Koehler (Oakbrook Terrace, Ill.)


and Arthur Shoults Scholarship

Crosby-O’Neil Cornet

Oakbook Terrace, Ill.


Solo Concert Winners

Wonderland Band

1st—Jaleel Williams (Royal Oak, Mich.)

Citadel Band  

1st—Caitlin Balliet (Oak Creek Centennial, Wis.)

Tabernacle Band        

1st—Jared Thomas (Norridge Citadel, Ill.)

Temple Band  

1st—Rachel Sjogren (Norridge Citadel, Ill.)

Shagbark Band          

1st—Raquel Balbaneda (Springfield, Mo.)

Camp Lake Band       

1st—DJ Crosby (Fort Wayne, Ind.)


1st—Zane Koehler (Oakbrook Terrace, Ill.)

Booth Chorale            

1st—Rachel Minter (Norridge Citadel, Ill.)

Hilltop Chorus           

1st—Lance Hill (Royal Oak, Mich.)

Instrumental Vocalists

1st—Josie Himes (Flint Citadel, Mich.)


1st—Andrew Herndon (Oak Creek Centennial, Wis.)


1st—Amber Wagman (Janesville, Wis.)


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