THRIVE online course

THRIVE is an intensive online spiritual development course for soldiers and officers in the Central territory. The first cohort will run from February-October 2020. Enrollment is limited to a maximum of 20 students.

The mission of THRIVE is to facilitate spiritual growth and maturity in every cohort member through classic spiritual disciplines, readings, written reflections and personal interaction inĀ  community with like-minded Salvationists. While the interaction will be mostly online, a weekend retreat (date TBD) will be included in the cost of the course.

Modules will include spiritual disciplines, holiness, sharing your faith with others, self care/soul care, developing a personal rule for life, and more!

Fees — $400 per officer (may be drawn from official funds); $100 for soldiers (personal expense but may be supplemented by corps/command with proper permission). This includes the cost of the online learning service and the weekend retreat. The cost of books for the course will be approximately $100 if purchased new. Used books are also available from online sellers, which will significantly decrease the cost.

If you are ready to THRIVE, please complete the application below.

For further information or specific questions, please contact Major Lesa Davis ([email protected]).