5, 4, 3, 2, 1 … Grow! with Commissioner Heidi Bailey

5 true things about your spiritual journey:
  • It has been a blessed road
  • It has been hard work
  • It has been lacking community at times in my administrative world
  • It has had ebbs and flows in the seasons of my life
  • Accountability is important
4 things that have influenced your spiritual development over the years:
  • Consistent family values
  • Consistent church family
  • SA heroes of the faith
  • My husband
3 things that keep your spiritual life on track:
  • Disciplines formed early in my life
  • New ways of receiving/reading the Word (podcasts, ebooks, etc.)
  • Accountability with sisters in Christ
2 good news things you see happening in the Army right now:
  • An openness to what the Spirit is saying to our church
  • More conversations and relationship-building
1 final thing you would say to encourage someone else on their spiritual journey:
  • Every spiritual journey is different. Don’t compare; just develop your own rhythm. Seasons of life, responsibilities, jobs, appointments, travel and other things will change the way you do things. That’s okay. It’s not HOW you grow — it’s that you DO grow. Be accountable to God and a friend. Love God, love people.

Commissioner Heidi Bailey is the territorial leader for leader development and a soldier of the Oakbrook Terrace corps.


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