Pray Around the World — Denmark and Greenland territory

This week, the international Salvation Army is praying specifically for the Denmark and Greenland territory. Here is some information to help you as you pray:

  • Zone — Europe
  • Countries included in this territory — Denmark and Greenland
  • The territorial commander is Lt. Colonel Christina Jeppsson who leads 81 active and 46 retired officers, along with 10 envoys
  • Languages in which the gospel is preached — Danish and Greenlandic
  • This territory includes 23 corps with 847 senior soldiers, 309 adherents, and 12 junior soldiers

Here are some prayer requests from the territory:

  • Pray for the process of setting a new official vision and mission strategy for our work in Denmark and Greenland
  • Pray that our Lord will continue to provide for financial stability within the territory
  • Pray to God to call and raise up people into leadership as local leaders
  • Pray for the new social project called “Step by Step”
  • Pray for the development of children’s and youth ministry

The above information is from The Salvation Army Year Book 2019. You can learn more about the Denmark and Greenland territory here:


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