5, 4, 3, 2, 1 … Grow with Colonel Janice Howard

5 true things about your spiritual journey:

  • Based on a relationship with God
  • Exciting
  • Includes numerous spiritual disciplines
  • Takes a life time
  • Involves an accountability partner

4 things that have influenced your spiritual development over the years:

  • Practice, practice, practice of various spiritual disciplines
  • A particular godly officer who has been in close proximity
  • Desire for growth, which has been lived out in action
  • Goals

3 things that keep your spiritual life on track:

  • Desire to love and serve God and people more
  • Accountability partner
  • Practice of various spiritual disciplines; the only two which are continuous are prayer and Bible reading; the other disciplines come and go so as not to become bored

2 good news things you see happening in the Army right now:

  • Young adults who love the Lord and have a deep desire to serve Him and others
  • Army meeting needs at the point of need – Army open in Chicago during school strike

1 final thing you would say to encourage someone else on their spiritual journey:

  • Pray for your own desire to grow and be intentional about progressing in that growth

Colonel Janice Howard is the Territorial Secretary for Women’s Ministries. She regularly worships at the Norridge Citadel corps.



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