Pray Around the World — Hong Kong and Macau Command

In the coming week, the international Salvation Army is praying specifically for the Hong Kong and Macau Command. Here is some information from The Salvation Army Year Book 2019 that may help you as you pray:

  • Zone — South Pacific and East Asia
  • Command leaders — Lt. Colonels Bob and Wendy Lee (as of April 1, 2019), who lead 34 active and 19 retired officers
  • This command includes Hong Kong, Macau (special administrative region of the People’s Republic of China) and mainland China
  • Languages in which the gospel is preached include Cantonese, English, Filipino,and Putonghua
  • There are 16 corps in this command with almost 2,500 senior soldiers and more than 400 junior soldiers

Here are some specific prayer requests from the command:

  1. Pray that peace and stableness will return to Hong Kong
  2. Pray for the celebration of the Command’s 90th anniversary. – May the Lord be glorified.
  3. Pray that the Command’s holistic ministries can bring the different services together and providing a full ministry to the whole person.
  4. Pray that the Lord will grant wisdom and strength to our Educational Services team for the two following new school facilities, and sufficient fund for the schools’ furnishing: A new kindergarten in a housing area planning to commence the service January or February 2020, the kindergarten will operate with a mix mode model with half day and full day sessions with a total capacity of 580, and a new primary school proposed to start its operation in September 2021, with full capacity of 810 students (small class teaching)

You can learn more about The Salvation Army in Hong Kong and Macau here:


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