Are you ready to THRIVE?

Maybe you’ve heard that the Central territory is rolling out a brand-new, online spiritual life development course in February. Maybe you’re even a little bit interested. Here are a few facts that might help you decide whether you’re ready to THRIVE:

  1. It is a commitment of time and energy

The course runs for 9 months (February – October 2020)

You will be expected to complete weekly readings and discussions (online)

Each module will require one reflective written assignment

  1. There is a financial commitment

The cost for the course covers online fees and a corporate retreat

Soldiers — $100 (to be paid personally, although corps/divisions may help)

Officers — $400 (can be drawn from official funds with proper permissions)

You will be expected to purchase your own books (approximately $150 if you buy new books — most online book sellers list used books which will reduce this cost)

  1. It is a commitment to a community of like-minded soldiers and officers

There will be approximately 12-20 people in the cohort

Honesty is expected in all cohort interactions

Interaction in the cohort must be confidential, respectful and helpful — none of us has all the answers, most of us have more questions than answers

  1. THRIVE is an intentional movement toward spiritual growth and maturity

It will help you develop holy habits that will sustain you through a lifetime

It will encourage and challenge you to go deeper and be transformed

More information and the application form can be found at


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