Website Overhaul Project

Maybe you’re asking yourself, “Why the new website?”.
Here are a few reasons:

1. Simply put, it’s time.

You might remember a time when Get Connected ( looked like the territorial website. The territorial website adapted a new theme in early 2015, leaving Get Connected on the existing aesthetic. The territorial site, as well and many, many other sites are once again migrating to a new Content Managing system built by USW, “Symphony.” It was time for Get Connected to get a long-awaited makeover of its own.

2. The “One Stop Shop”

We’ve consolidated content for soldiers, officers and other crucial parts of the Salvation Army community on Get Connected. No longer will you have to look at the territorial website for events, links and resources, then journey over to Get Connected for your Salvation Army news. Now it’s all in the same place!
This also gives the territorial website to the ability focus on the majority of its traffic (roughly 75-80%): people looking for help, looking to help, or looking at how we help.

By creating more focused content on Get Connected and the territorial website, we can create better experiences for our users!

Raise your voice!

We’d love to know what you think of this site; what works and what doesn’t. Whether you are an employee, soldier, officer, or THQ department, your input will help make our website better!

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