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Territorial Sergeant-Major

Rochelle Holman, chairperson

[email protected]


Great Lakes Division

Curtis Britcher, DSM

Todd Miesch, ADSM

[email protected]


Indiana Division

Beth Curtiss, DSM

[email protected]


Kansas and Western Missouri Division

Carrie Dixon, DSM

Ricardo Cardenas, ADSM

[email protected]


Midland Division

Kevin Hodges, DSM

Travis Heard, ADSM

[email protected]


North & Central Illinois Division

Mark Bender, ADSM

[email protected]


Assistant Territorial Sergeant-Major

Hewitt Gage

[email protected]


Northern Division

John Foster, DSM

Charles Cloak, ADSM

Doug Leslie, Alternate DSM

[email protected]


Western Division

Heather Guthrie, DSM

Bobby Calkins, ADSM

[email protected]


Wisconsin / Upper Michigan Division

Paul Augenstein, DSM

[email protected]


Territorial Young Adult Representative


[email protected]



DSM = Divisional Sergeant-Major
ADSM – Assistant Divisional Sergeant-Major