Information on the Application Process

Becoming a Salvation Army Officer starts with your involvement with The Salvation Army in your own community. The first step in both determining if Officership is the vocation the Lord is calling you to and in establishing your interest in entering Officership is to get involved with a local corps, take on leadership roles and become a partner in ministry with your Corps Officer (Pastor). 

When it is confirmed in your own heart that the Lord is truly leading you toward Officership you should share your interest with your Corps Officer and your Divisional Candidate Secretary (DCS).  Your DCS will be your liaison with the Territorial Candidate Secretary who will assemble and present your applications to the Territorial Candidate Council (TCC).  The first official part of the process is to complete the Preliminary Application packet.

The approval of this application will give you entry into the preparation and Full Case phase of the application process.  You will be enrolled in the Candidate Coaching Action Plan (CAP) program where you will benefit from professional coaching and assistance in the pace and timing of your preparation and entry to the College for Officer Training. 

Every case is unique and, while the application process and requirements are the same for all candidates, the specific preparation support systems will be tailored to your needs.  The attached booklets “Everything You Need To Know …” and the “Candidate Wellness Guide” will help you gain a general overview of the process and expectations if you choose to pursue Officership in The Salvation Army. 

If your considering officership, please review the following documents:

For more information or to be connected with a local corps or Divisional Candidate Secretary please contact us.