Community Mission

The Corps and Community Mission Department provides trainings, consultations, conferences, and resources in several areas

Bible Correspondence

The Salvation Army’s Bible Correspondence Courses for inmates in correctional facilities—in English and Spanish—are guided learning tools that provide each student with biblical knowledge that forms the foundation for increased insight to one’s purpose and meaning in life. Our Mission reaches inmates with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, hopefully to lead them to salvation and an opportunity for them to reconstruct their lives into something meaningful.

The Salvation Army provides one of only a few Bible studies for inmates in Spanish. Our Spanish Bible Correspondence Course is a ministry that serves approximately 815 inmates who wish to learn more about God and His Word. For some inmates, this is the ONLY correspondence they have with anyone on the outside, since many of them do not have family here in the United States (much less anyone who encourages them and speaks life into them). When they receive their Bible lessons in Spanish, they feel very blessed to be able to do it in their native language. Many have accepted Jesus as their Savior through the Spanish Bible Studies.

The English Bible Correspondence Course consists of a Basic and Advanced level. The Basic is designed to engage students at a 6th grade reading/writing level or above. The six courses cover a foundational understanding of God’s love for them, while keeping in mind the student’s own spiritual need. It is the intent that as students engage in this study, it will initiate devotion for God and His Word, which is the foundation and guide for righteous living. The Advanced level is offered to students who receive an average grade of 80% or higher. This offers a more focused approach to the Basic level. There are approximately 3300 students enrolled in the English Bible Correspondence.

Men’s Ministries

We desire our men’s ministries to be a place/space where men are strengthened and shaped into who God wants them to be. Proverbs 27:17 – “Iron sharpens iron, So one man sharpens another” (NASB).

The Forge is the endorsed Men’s Ministries group resource for The Central Territory:

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Community Care Ministries

Community Care Ministries (CCM) is a unit of The Salvation Army, formed for the express purpose of providing spiritual and social ministry to those in a community. CCM raises awareness and vision for ministry by presenting opportunities for service, that demonstrates the love of Christ. CCM is designed to motivate, mobilize, and train soldiers, adherents and other volunteers to effectively carry out Christ’s commission to care for those in need. CCM demonstrates expanded and diverse ministries that are a response to the changing needs in our communities. The ministry provides regular and seasonal visitation to hospitals, nursing homes, institutions, and private homes in the community. CCM may include special activities or services to meet specific needs. Community Care Ministries members should be prepared to share their hope and faith in God who cares for all. The ministry is provided through individuals and organized groups.

Motorcycle Ministry

This is a vital part of CCM, which exists to provide hope and compassion specifically for the motorcycle community.

Learn more at The Salvation Army’s Motorcycle Ministry website