New Transformational Leadership Certificate emerges from Project Advance

by Captain Christine Coreano

When I reflect on the great leaders in my life, they were individuals who were willing to learn, grow, change and trust God. What set them apart was their willingness to invest in people.

As part of Project Advance’s work toward a mission-focused future, consideration was given to helping leaders learn and grow. One of the areas the Personnel Work Stream focused on was the theme of delegation and empowerment of leaders.

The Salvation Army is fortunate to have officers and employees from different backgrounds, cultures and experiences. This also means they have differing experiences relating to leadership as well as some who have not had an opportunity to invest in leadership training. Therefore, it is important for current and future leaders to have the opportunity to learn and ultimately become transformed as they lead our Army.

Captain Alex Yanez and I were able to work alongside the territorial officer resource and development department to propose a more inclusive leadership training program that would be available to all leaders. Thus, the Taking Leaders Deep: Transformational Leadership Certificate was born.

Captain Alex and I are participating in the first cohort led by Major (Dr.) Joanne Holz which includes 27 officers and envoys alongside five leadership coaches.

The certificate is designed to explore several different areas of leadership over the course of four modules both through in-person and online learning environments.

The modules include the following topics:
Module 1 – Developing Essential Interpersonal Skills for Leadership
Module 2 – Engaging as an Effective Team
Module 3 – Expanding Leadership Agility
Module 4 – Empowering People in Leadership

The Transformational Leadership Certificate is not accredited by a university. However, upon completion of all modules, independent evaluation by an institution of higher education for academic course credit may be determined and awarded.

Too often when the conversation turns to leadership, we focus on the institution or general principles of leadership without taking an honest look at ourselves. Nobody is an ideal or perfect leader but by being intentional, evaluating our leadership styles, and being willing to make changes, the journey of transformational leadership can begin.

I can be the change I want to see for the future. You can too.

Those interested in participating should notify their divisional leader for officer development.




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