Hewitt Gage believes God has been calling on him to minister to others since he was a child.

“It seemed like God always sent people my way to minister to,” Hewitt said, recalling his boyhood. “Other young people would often come to talk with me. This has been consistent throughout my life.”

Corps sergeant-major at the Springfield Clear Lake, Ill., Corps, Hewitt is the territory’s first assistant territorial sergeant-major and assistant chair for the Territorial Soldiers’ Forum. Teaming with Territorial Sergeant-Major Rochelle Holman and other soldiers, he assists in getting ideas, suggestions or concerns from the grassroots to territorial leaders. He says it’s a privilege.

“I have always loved listening to people’s stories; stories of how they came to the Army or how they came to know the Lord. I love the idea of being an advocate for others,” he said.

Born in Antigua, Hewitt moved with his family to St. Thomas U.S. Virgin Islands when he was 12. Although his father was Anglican and his mother was Methodist, when they got married the couple chose The Salvation Army as their family’s church. Hewitt and his five siblings were all active with the Army.

“The wonderful thing for us as children growing up in The Salvation Army was that it seemed very centered on young people. We were always allowed to be involved in leadership,” Hewitt said.

Years later when Hewitt, his wife Tracy and their two children moved to Springfield, they decided to attend Tracy’s church, the African Methodist Episcopal Church. But it was not long before Hewitt felt God was leading the family elsewhere.

“I started to feel God’s call to the ministry of The Salvation Army,” he said. Hewitt began to pray that God would speak to his wife’s heart in the same way. As he and Tracy prayed together, Tracy said she also felt God was calling the family to the Army. “This confirmed where God wanted us to be,” Hewitt recalled.

Outside of volunteering at their corps, Hewitt is an assistant principal and athletic director at a middle school, while Tracy is an administrator at a school district. Their faith and ministry are often put to good use in these occupations.

“Whatever we do, our faith always comes through,” he said. “Those who know we are Christians know it is part of our daily life.”

At his corps, Hewitt draws on his love for music and expertise as a former band director to teach music classes. He also sings and plays the piano in the praise band and plays the cornet and alto horn in the brass band.

Looking to the future, Hewitt simply wants more time for ministry. “I hope to start preaching more,” he said. “I look forward to having more time in retirement to spend at the corps and being able to minister.”

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