And He will be called… Mighty God

by Major Joaquin Rangel

I believe we serve a Mighty God. There have been times in my life I have cried out to God for help, and I have experienced His power, His presence and His victory.

When I think about “mighty” what comes to my mind immediately is strong. It could be described as how a young child sees his or her father—my daddy is strong, he has big muscles, he can lift heavy things. However, in this context, the prophet Isaiah is referring to  a particular kind of strength.

I learned that in the original Hebrew text, this word refers to strength as a military exercise. Isaiah is saying that God is a God who fights for us. It’s a type of strength that means when there is a battle, God will fight it; and not only will He fight the battle, but He will be victorious.

As Isaiah prophesied, Jesus embodies the qualities of our Mighty God. When Isaiah was looking forward to the birth of Jesus, he was not looking at a fragile, vulnerable, weak child who was born in a manger. He saw a victorious God who would conquer death, the grave and hell!

In my first appointment, there was a tornado that destroyed much of a nearby town. It was a time to cry out to God for help. As we served, I started each day with my team doing devotions and praying in Jesus’ name for the victory, not only to rebuild the town for the future, but for spiritual revival in the present.

I saw Jesus working in every single volunteer as we served the community. In a small town everyone comes to help, but the atmosphere changes when you serve in the name of Jesus. Every day was a joy and a victory. Even though it was a tragedy, God brought a revival.

In Isaiah 40:28, we see that God “gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak.” Knowing that our Mighty God fights for me and empowers me changes the way I approach things. I can with certainty claim His victory in my own life. I have eternal hope of victory for myself, and I can share that with others.

This season may you see the Mighty God who fights for us and strengthens us, and may you know that He is victorious!





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