by Rebekah Grimm and Russel Gutsche

The Minneapolis, Minn., Booth Manor is one of the few Salvation Army housing programs in the Central Territory that exclusively serves the senior population, those 62 years plus. With more than 40 percent of its residents speaking Russian and a myriad of cultural and religious backgrounds, including people from all walks of life, this high-rise in downtown Minneapolis overlooking scenic Loring Park has become a melting pot providing an engaging community. It’s a haven where residents feel accepted, cared for and loved. This safe and loving environment offers events and activities to meet residents’ emotional, physical, social and spiritual needs. Its staff is routinely encouraged to learn more about current trends and barriers in the senior community.

For example, there is an increasing desire within the senior community to age at home as opposed to transitioning to an assisted living facility or nursing home. With this trend comes an increased need for community-based supportive services. Therefore, the multidisciplinary team at Booth Manor consists of a coordinator, a service coordinator and property management staff who strive to improve collaboration and find creative ways to support the residents.

The property consists of 157 residential units; 100 units receive a HUD rental subsidy (Section 8), while 55 units are made available at market rates. There currently is a waiting list of 6-12 months with roughly 55 people on it.

Booth Manor contributes to the Twin Cities Strategic Plan by continuing to provide much needed affordable housing opportunities for seniors. In addition to housing, the manor partners with multiple service providers to increase access to food and healthy eating, and to reduce food insecurity among residents.

Striving to meet the ever-changing needs of the residents, Booth Manor provides services through a framework focused on needs. Standards for Success annual assessments and resident questionnaires assist the team in identifying the unique needs of residents. All of its residents have the right to make choices about their lives, and the team is there to help support them and connect them with resources.

Booth Manor’s aim is to provide a safe and comfortable atmosphere where residents feel like they are home. The team combines the use of community resources and food distribution to help residents to stay in their homes longer, as well as provide activities to keep residents engaged and active and to stimulate brain functioning. Overall, the facility’s goal is to help people flourish and prosper as they age.

“It’s a privilege to serve here at Booth Manor,” said A/Captain Leonita Schweigert, the building’s coordinator. “In addition to offering educational and informational speakers, we offer activities that meet their physical and emotional needs that encourage our seniors to stay active and keep them as independent residents for as long as possible. Our focus is on spreading the love of Jesus in all we do.”

Editor’s Note: Other Booth Manors in the territory can be found in Oak Creek, Wis., St. Louis, Kansas City and Grandview, Mo., Chicago , Ill., Columbus and Indianapolis, Ind., and Omaha, Neb.



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