Hurricane Ida Recovery Continues to Make a Difference

Gonzales, LA (September 24, 2021) – For many Americans, Hurricane Ida is no longer at the forefront of their minds; it’s off the news, and it seems like it’s over. But for numerous families and individuals, they search for a hot meal, wait for power to return, and many wonder how they will rebuild their homes and communities.

Hurricane Ida was a deadly and destructive category 4 Atlantic hurricane, the second-most damaging to make landfall in Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005. Louisiana residents have long since rebuilt most of what Hurricane Katrina destroyed, and now – once again – they face a long road of recovery. The next several weeks of cleanup and restoration will forever leave a mark on their lives, always remembering the devastation brought by Hurricane Ida.

It’s the beginning of week five for The Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services taking place throughout Louisiana, and the third Incident Management Team (IMT) has moved into position to continue serving those in need. However, this is the second deployment for the Texas IMT as they made the initial plans and prepared to arrive at the base camp location less than 24 hours after Hurricane Ida made landfall.

“It is vital for us to assess the situation constantly as we continue to serve in a disaster,” said Alvin Migues, Emergency Disaster Services Director of Texas. “We are constantly looking ahead to make sure our teams are serving in communities who need it most.”

More than 9,000 homes are still without power, hoping to have complete restoration by Thursday, September 30. One of the best things that can happen in a disaster is to see the numbers drop for those showing up to receive meals from the mobile kitchen feeding sites. This means they are providing for themselves and getting back to their lives. As of September 20, schools are even back in session, a blessing to know students now have access to breakfast and lunch every weekday.

The mobile units from the Gonzales IMT have served 279,683 meals, 125,099 drinks, and 89,577 snacks. The emotional and spiritual care team has made connections with 18,475 since 8/31/21. In addition to the mobile feeding units, 6,955 cleanup kits, 6,985 hygiene kits, and 4,948 food boxes have been distributed.

To make a financial donation to support ongoing Hurricane Ida relief efforts, go to or call 1-800-SAL-ARMY. For the latest information please go to and watch for regular updates on our social media pages at and



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