Virtual One Conference: an invitation to inclusion

“Accept one another, then, just as Christ accepted you, in order to bring praise to God.” (Romans 5:7, NIV)

by Karen Young

Our world is filled with complexities. We encounter challenges in our diverse human interactions around gender, class, race/ethnicity, language and culture. It’s easy to veer off course because of potholes of polarization and wonder if we can affect any lasting change for good.

Still, opportunities for ministry abound, and the invitation to build relationships and ministry partners across our differences persists. As Christ’s followers, we have a compelling message and there is no better time for us to learn how to bridge our differences in just, compassionate, grace-filled and informed ways.

Planned by the territorial intercultural ministries department, the ONE Conference’s theme “Inclusion: See. Hear. Embrace.” is designed to encourage, stretch, renew and equip delegates. We hope it will open new possibilities for ministry and refurbish dated practices. Learning how to engage in intercultural ministries—and developing lifelong skills to do it effectively—is needed no matter your ministry area.

The conference (October 15-17, 2021) will be virtual, but some things will be familiar. Breakout sessions and united gatherings will bring voices to inform, invigorate and provoke to good works. Among them will be Daniel Hill, multiethnic church pastor and author;  Elizabeth Conde Frazier, practical theologian, pastor and author; Brenda Salter McNeil, professor, author, and racial reconciliation practitioner for over 30 years; and Ken Wytsma, founder of the Justice Conference.

If you’ve never been able to attend the ONE Conference, we hope this year’s virtual event makes it possible. The registration fee is only $20 per person. Invite a guest, and you can register that guest for free!

Join us from your home or better yet gather with friends or colleagues and enter into the conversation. And be sure to participate in the territorial worship experience on Sunday morning.

When the conference has concluded, we hope you’ll ask: “What is God calling us to do, be or change in our areas of service and ministry as a result of what we have seen and heard?”

For more details and registration information, visit the USC Intercultural Ministries Facebook page.


Daniel Hill
Elizabeth Conde Frazier
Brenda Salter McNeil
Ken Wystma



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