Answered prayers, enabled mission

It was an answer to prayer when Colonels Steve and Janice Howard received their visas to travel to the India South Eastern Territory to dedicate new buildings, renovations and furnishing funded by the Central Territory and to encourage Salvationists in the Lord’s work. The territory, led by Colonels Gabriel and Indumati Christian, had been praying for the Howards for weeks and was eager to receive them.

On the first day the Howards visited the Tucker Girls Home in Nagercoil where they took time to speak  with each girl, learning a little about her priorities in school and her stay at the home; they made a similar visit to the Tucker Boys Home.

At the new territorial headquarters, the Howards offered prayers of blessing in each room and petitioned God for things still needed.

The generosity and love extended by the Central Territory was visible in the renovation of the Catherine Booth Hospital and College of Nursing. Again, the Howards talked individually with doctors, nurses, patients and administrative staff at the hospital and encouraged students at the nursing college by their visit.

That evening they dedicated a building at the Officer Training College which was well attended and at which officers collectively witnessed how their training there would not have been possible without the Central Territory’s generosity.

The second day began with Athiyady Corps building dedication in the  Kanyakumari Division, where the people of the village warmly welcomed the colonels. Colonel Steve shared the example of how the Israelites rebuilt their temple with limited resources. The evening was spent dedicating a 20 New Corps initiative project, the Thumbacode Corps building and community hall, in the Kulaseharm Division. Here Colonel Steve stressed the vision of the people and the leaders of that territory who worked together to make it possible. People from all walks of life, religions and political parties received the Howards into their community.

The third day began with a gathering of hundreds of women from across the territory in Booth Tucker Memorial Hall in Nagercoil and ended with the Lamp Lighting Ceremony of the College of Nursing where Colonel Janice encouraged them to be light in the world as they share Jesus.

Tireless, the Howards were pleased the next day to share with the executive officers of the territory, encouraging them to have the mind and humility of Christ.

“The humbled colonels’ presence during these days with the people of the territory has sparked a flame of light in their life of faith,” concluded Colonel Gabriel Christian.




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