Territory to open Center for Social Justice and Urban Mission

The Salvation Army holds the belief that all people are made in the image of God and that each person has value. In light of scripture and our heritage, The Salvation Army commits itself to the upholding of social justice in all societies and between societies. —from the International Position Statement on Social Justice 2005

These are neither antiquated words nor empty promises as proven with recent actions by the Central Territory. In March 2019 Central Territorial Headquarters purchased a two-flat building in the Lakeview East community of Chicago for the purpose of launching the Center for Social Justice and Urban Mission (CSJUM). It also appointed Captain Katherine Clausell as the first territorial secretary for social justice and urban mission.

The CSJUM is to be the prophetic voice and arm of The Salvation Army in the Central Territory. It is being established to make a deeper and more sustainable impact on the lives of suffering people and struggling communities than the provision of social services can achieve alone.

Working from the center Captain Katherine is tasked with overseeing and coordinating all social justice
and urban mission expressions in the territory including:

• tracking and reporting on the progress being made to advance social justice and urban mission in the territory

• managing the development and implementation of the center as a hub for research, education, evaluation, vision casting, advocacy and mission integration, and

• developing a formal consultative network with personnel in similar positions in other territories, the International Social Justice Commission and the young adults of our territory to discern trends and best practices.

“An exciting priority of the Center for Social Justice and Urban Mission is connecting young adults and the emerging generation to the mission of The Salvation Army,” said the captain. “The center will seek feedback from them regarding how the Army can better support and partner with 18- to 35-year-olds as they seek to fulfill ambitions toward vocation, justice and leadership in the church.”

Another priority of the center is to be a force for justice and mercy in our cities. Through the strategic engagement of people throughout the territory, resources will be developed that support “living justly” as an essential part of Salvationist life and dynamic discipleship for officers, soldiers, employees and volunteers.






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