Burlington, Iowa, Corps looks to the future

by Lt. Dennis Jolly

When I was commissioned as an officer in 2016, I was both excited and nervous to see what God had in store for me, but I never imagined my first appointment would include the monumental task of overseeing the building of a new corps community center. I was honored, yet worried. Could I do this? Did I know enough? Was I ready?

With the support and guidance of dedicated divisional and local teams, and a great construction crew, the doors to our new corps opened last September. The Burlington Corps Community Center has brought a new sense of energy and excitement to the community, clients and employees. We can’t wait to see all the good we are able to do for the people of Des Moines County, Iowa. As we adjust to our new space, we are constantly seeking ways to expand and adapt our ministry and services to better serve those in need.

Looking back, the day of the building’s dedication was perfect. Alongside a contingency of territorial and divisional leaders were members of our community and corps congregation. Together, we dedicated the corps to the glory of God and thanked our community for their compassion and patience. Finally, we recognized the resilience and dedication of The Salvation Army throughout its nearly 125 years of service in Burlington.

Construction of the 7,721-square-ft. facility took 11 months to complete. Part of a three-phase concept, the center (phase one) includes: a chapel/fellowship hall, a food pantry, a commercial kitchen and dish room, three administrative offices, a social work office, an office for the youth activity director and an outdoor patio. Phases two and three look toward expansion, including a full-size gymnasium and a larger, dedicated chapel. Incorporated into the design and construction, the building is structurally prepared for the future.

We look forward to the future God has planned for The Salvation Army Burlington Corps Community Center and our community.







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