God could make a treehouse

by Emily Densmore

This summer I helped lead a day camp for children in the Bahamas. With my teammate, Valerie, I led the red group which consisted of five beautiful, inquisitive 7- and 8-year-old girls. The week was filled with laughter, prayer and life-changing moments.

During “prayer journaling” one girl asked for my help with spelling. Afterward, she gave me her finished product as a gift. It said, “I love God. God made me. God made you. God could make a treehouse.” Initially, I giggled over the sweet sentiment in crayon, but over the next few days I couldn’t get one phrase out of my mind: God could make a treehouse. It may seem silly, but I believe the Lord placed it on my heart.

This year I’ve been working through hard changes in my family and myself. There have been times when I’ve been angry with God; it is hard to understand how pain and difficult situations can fit into His plan for my life. Sometimes I have called my leaders sobbing and asked how He could let such hurt happen.

But God is faithful. I believe He brought me to the Bahamas not only to share the gospel but so I could receive these words from a precious 7-year-old girl: God could make a treehouse. The Lord can use the broken wood and sturdy foundation of my life to create something beautiful. He has placed individuals in my life at the perfect time and has brought words to my head and His Word to my heart. I didn’t realize it, but He had been preparing me to face hardships.

A treehouse may not look like the tree from which it was made, but that’s because it has been transformed into something new. I’ve learned that although it may be difficult, change is okay. My future may feel uncertain, but I find comfort in knowing God is certain in everything He does. I love God. God made me. God made you. God could make a treehouse.






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