by Captain Pamela Kasten

My dad often says I’ve been gifted in a way to do just what I do as an officer. Growing up, I knew by age 14 this is what I should be. I loved when my corps officers would plan a different kind of worship, program or event that made life fun and interesting. Now, I do that for others. From “thinking big” to planning logistics to executing events, I find joy in making them happen.

In the last seven years as an officer, I’ve especially appreciated the opportunity to hold outreach events that help people get to know The Salvation Army on a deeper level and bring them into a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

This year my team and I wanted to put on an event to coincide with the one-year anniversary of a tornado that ripped through our city of Marshalltown, Iowa. I poured everything I had into planning it and building excitement in our community but wondered if anyone would take us up on this free offer. I prepared myself mentally for no one to show up. When the day arrived, we went to work setting up in our newly repaired gymnasium as well as outside. It was 100 degrees, and by the time the team from our divisional headquarters arrived I was tired, drenched in sweat and needed an attitude adjustment. I was in no shape to greet my community. Fortunately, I had time to dash home and refresh before opening the registration tent and corps doors.

That evening God showed me that my doubts have no place in His Kingdom. More than 400 people showed up for our event. They came to enjoy fun, fellowship and food, and they experienced The Salvation Army in a different way. At the end of the evening, I sat overwhelmed by what God had done with my little plan.

I absolutely love how God can take the gifts He has given me and use them to build His Kingdom as an officer.






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