Nassau, The Bahamas – Majors Clarence and Karen Ingram, The Salvation Army officers in charge of operations in the Bahamas, are on duty in their Nassau offices firming up supplies and logistics for The Salvation Army’s response efforts.  They braved flood waters and electrical outages this morning coming to the office even though most businesses and government offices are closed due to the effects of the hurricane.

Major Clarence Ingram was on Bahamas National television last evening outlining The Salvation Army’s willingness to assist with the needs that have and will continue to arise as soon as it is possible to get into the areas affected.  He reported that in the wake of Dorian’s incredibly destructive impact on Abaco and its environs, that there are already an estimated 13,000 homes severely damaged and that he is concerned that damage toll will be even higher on Grand Bahama because Freeport is a major population center.  As of this writing Nassau has the only functioning major airport close to the affected islands but is accepting only limited flights because of the storms coming off of Dorian. The airports on Abaco and Grand Bahama islands are all closed.

The current forecasts are that it may take most of this week for the waters to recede enough that cleanup efforts can begin and as much as another week before the airports on Grand Bahama and Abaco will be able to accept traffic.

The last report from The Salvation Army Freeport Corps (church) came by text message this morning and stated that “Freeport is taking a pounding” but the building and the thrift store are holding up for the time being.  They are expecting another 12 hours of high winds and heavy rain.

Commissioner Devon Haughton, Territorial Commander, met with key personnel to look at The Salvation Army’s long-term strategic response to this disaster as well as activating departments to start working out the logistics for getting aid to those affected.

To support The Salvation Army’s relief efforts in the Caribbean, please donate online at helpsalvationarmy.org or by phone at 1-800-SAL-ARMY.


Nassua, The Bahamas (September 1, 2019)

Majors Clarence and Karen Ingram, The Salvation Army officers in charge of operations in the Bahamas, have reported the following information about the current and future impact of Hurricane Dorian.

The major impact for the storm is the northern islands of the Bahamas.  As much as possible, and as much as the residents were willing, the government has evacuated those in low-lying areas prone to flooding and those with less well-built houses.

The Salvation Army Freeport Corps is currently the main base for Salvation Army operations on Grand Bahama.  They are not a shelter, but since they have good kitchen facilities their immediate role is to provide food for those in shelters.  The initial request was for 300 meals a day, but they are prepared for that much and more.  It looks like the hurricane will be over them about 2 days so it may be Tuesday before the all clear is given.

The Salvation Army also has a corps on Eleuthera island and the Corps Sargeant Major there has prepared it for a shelter even though conditions in that area are not forecast to be as severe.  The last word received from there is that they have lost electricity. It is to be expected that it will be difficult to reach the islands affected for several days after the storm so The Salvation Army may be asked to continue to provide meals well beyond the all clear.

The Salvation Army’s main role will be to aid after the storm has passed. Majors Ingram will wait for specific information and requests from NEMA so that they can follow through accordingly.

Based on video footage on the news and social media of the severe flooding that has happened already, The Salvation Army anticipates there will be a need for food, clothing, tarps, cleanup kits, etc.  At this point The Salvation Army is ready to provide assistance as soon as the needs are accessed.

Commissioner Devon Haughton, Territorial Commander is encouraging Salvation Army personnel throughout the Caribbean to give attention to those most vulnerable in their communities, and where possible make Salvation Army facilities available for shelter, support and practical assistance.

To support The Salvation Army’s relief efforts in the Caribbean, please direct your contributions to The Salvation Army, 3 Waterloo Road, PO Box 378, Kingston 10, Jamaica, WI – Attention: Emergency Disaster Services or direct the funds to the following…

Name Of Account: The Salvation Army Donation Account (Savings)
Account Number: 936476
Bank Name: The Bank of Nova Scotia Jamaica Ltd
Bank Address: The Corner of Duke & Port Royal Street
Kingston CSO








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