Jennette Culpepper is getting a second chance in life through improved health from a prospective kidney transplant and financial stability for her family through Pathway of Hope (POH).

She committed to working with the POH team at the Indianapolis Eagle Creek, Ind., Corps to stabilize her family (son Caleb, 15, and husband Eddie, who’s also dealing with health problems). Navigating the kidney-transplant process (she’s on a waiting list), Jennette received practical knowledge and spiritual encouragement, as well as financial support to meet the family’s basic needs, from the POH case manager, regional coordinator and Indianapolis Eagle Creek corps officers.

“The biggest support in POH comes from providing encouragement and organizational planning,” said Rebecca Cola, regional POH coordinator. “Jennette’s case is a good example of how overwhelming circumstances can be broken down and addressed. Every concern, challenge, strength and dream were written down before the family’s needs were determined and prioritized: securing housing, addressing medical concerns, creating a budget and reducing anxiety and stress. It’s important to reassure the family they’re not alone.”

Appointed to the Indianapolis Eagle Creek Corps last summer, Captains Anthony and Brianne Bowers had just come from leading a corps with a robust POH ministry in Nebraska. They eagerly have supported Case Manager Pat Adams’ recommendations and guidance and have provided pastoral care essential to the POH approach.

They also have ensured prayer from corps members for Jennette and her family. The Eagle Creek POH team orchestrated Jennette’s transportation and housing needed for medical testing in Illinois, provided housing resources and solid guidance toward the family’s other goals through weekly phone meetings and provided a budget spreadsheet to help Jennette see where money was being spent, enabling her family to make better financial decisions.

“Providing encouragement and building client confidence and self-esteem, in addition to utilizing community resources and networking with other organizations, helps clients move forward with the Army shield behind them,” Rebecca added.

Although the Culpeppers already have a church home, they participate in corps programs throughout the week. Caleb was particularly excited about getting involved in the Tuesday night youth programs, which has been made possible by Captain Anthony picking Caleb up from his afterschool tutoring sessions.

Rebecca concluded, “When I first met Jennette, I knew immediately she was an incredibly selfless person who put her husband and son above her own needs. Pressed to finally talk about her own needs, things began to change when she realized the best thing she could do for her family was to take care of herself and get healthy for them.”

Looking at what has transpired so far, Jennette says she sees how God has been directing and guiding the Eagle Creek POH team and her on this “pathway of hope.”






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