When The Singing Company was commissioned as the Central territorial praise band in 2011, it consisted of eight members who traveled the Midwest leading worship with vocals and traditional praise band instruments like guitar and keyboard. Today, the band has grown to 9 members and has integrated nontraditional sounds like saxophone as well as state-of-the-art visual and audio effects to its repertoire.

While a few members have left The Singing Company to pursue other opportunities, five new members joined the band in the past year, each uniquely contributing to its mission and ministry. Building on the original foundation, the most recent additions use their talents as devoted followers of Christ as they travel and minister through music.

Joining front and center are Ellen Kim on keyboard and vocals and Scott Rodriguez on electric guitar. In the back, Zane Koehler keeps the rhythm going on drums. They each bring musical talent, youthful energy and an eagerness to serve the band and others.

“Everyone is so musically talented,” said Ellen. “I try to fill needs beyond music such as using my organizational skills to document our ministry. I am truly grateful that I get to serve God’s Kingdom through music alongside brothers and sisters who can encourage and challenge me to go deeper in my faith.”

Behind the scenes, Julio Romero (sound engineering) and Tito Rapley (media) joined the band to support performances and worship sessions with pleasing audio and visual effects designed to engage the senses.

“I have a passion for music and music ministry,” said Tito. “I enjoy song writing and spoken word poetry, but I also like to be in the background. I’m studying media communications and graphic design/photography and plan to use my knowledge to help grow a social media following for the band.”

Leader Eric Himes, territorial director of young adult and worship arts ministries, is excited for what the new members bring to the band. In the coming year, The Singing Company will continue to be available for conferences, seminars and events.





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